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The Archives provide research and reference services to the public.

It is housed in the Chauncey B. Stillman Study Center within the Krieble Gallery.

Examples of items in the Archives

Artists’ correspondence
Books and publications
Family records
Local house research
Historical maps
Oral history audiotapes

Inventory Includes:

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Since its beginnings in the mid 1930s, the Florence Griswold Museum has collected documents, photographs, and ephemera associated with the legacy of Florence Griswold and the artists of the Lyme Art Colony. When the Florence Griswold Association merged with the newly formed Lyme Historical Society in 1955, the mission of the institution broadened to incorporate local history from the town’s original settlement in the 17th century to the present day.

Over the years the Lyme Historical Society Archives have grown to include significant holdings of original documents, letters, photographs, deeds, mercantile and business records, artists’ scrapbooks, and accounts of events that took place in Lyme and Old Lyme. This valuable resource, full of original materials, holds the key to understanding aspects of the town’s art and history.

Access to the Collection

The archival collection is available to researchers by appointment. Please call (860) 434-5542 x114, or email

Please review the Archive Use Policies before your visit.

Selected materials from the archives relating to the Lyme Art Colony and Lyme Art Association (including Florence Griswold’s personal papers) are on microfilm; reels 4599 and 4678-4680. These are available via interlibrary loan from the Smithsonian Archives of American Art. Click Research Collections then type Florence Griswold into the search field on the top right.

Archive Use Policies

Archive Research Request

  • Appointments must be arranged in advance. Please submit the Archive Research Request at least one week in advance of the requested date.

Posts highlight individual documents, photographs, buildings, and works of art that have stories to tell about Lyme’s people, places, and events. Editor Carolyn Wakeman invites you to explore the Archives and discover the richness of the town’s layered history.

Florence Griswold Museum Library

The library of the Florence Griswold Museum provides research and reference services to the public. It is a non-circulating research collection of approximately 1,000 volumes.

Using the Library

The library is available by appointment. Please call (860) 434-5542 x114, or email

It provides extensive coverage in the area of American art, the primary interest of the museum. Additional coverage is provided for related fields, including art history, architecture, decorative arts, and local history. The library also contains the John C. Evans American Art Collection, a group of publications funded by the Henry Luce Foundation and donated to the Museum by Mr. Evans. The library is housed in the Chauncey B. Stillman Study Center.

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Learn how Miss Florence’s house was saved and the Florence Griswold Association was formed (which was the beginning of the Florence Griswold Museum). An essay by by Caroline Fraser Zinsser.

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